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STG x FoodWithDom!

STG x FoodWithDom!

Today we join the beautiful and talented Dominique! You may know her by her famous handle of FoodWithDom! This woman is crazy talented. Her socials will be linked at the end of the blog so make sure you check them out. After seeing the amazing pictures of her food, you will want to see more! So sit back, relax and make sure you have snacks when reading this because you might get hungry 😂

Hi Dominique! Thank you for taking the time to work on this project with us! I love seeing your food across my timeline, one day I'll get around to trying out a recipe! So firstly I wanna know -where does your passion for cooking come from?

Chef whites.jpg

I could say it started from a young age but honestly, I've only recently come to terms with the passion I have for food. I was always in denial as I felt that everyone and anyone can cook. But recently, especially after my year in Spain, I've realised that food is the only thing that I can do without thinking about it. It's the only thing I feel completely happy doing and I don't have to second guess myself when it comes to being in the kitchen. Learning about food and creating dishes excites me way more than anything.

Wow a year in Spain, that must have been great! I can see your passion through your blog and social media so what motivated you to create a blog and a Youtube Channel for your brand?

I shunned the thought of a blog and ended up making one. I absolutely hated the thought of having a youtube channel lmao and ended up making one. Life just came at me fast really. Youtube actually started because I was living in Spain and had some extra free time also after so many requests, I learnt that people find it easier to follow my recipes through video

Ahh I see! So is that what allowed you to start sharing recipes with everyone?


When I started using social media, I would make dishes as I do daily and post pictures just for fun. Then people started requesting recipes and although this was something new for me, I would create recipes in my notes for friends and people that requested it. The idea of starting a blog was brought up to me a few times but I declined because I thought it'd be tedious. Then one day, one of my followers literally got me to start a blog and it all took off from there.

Ahaha amazing! Although there are a lot of people now that share their cooking online and have started businesses for cakes and food and what not, not everyone is doing it so, it is still quite unique, how did you feel when you first started doing this? Was you nervous?

I wouldn't really use the word nervous for how I was feeling when it started out, since wasn't really looking at what others were doing in the sense of comparing them to myself. I genuinely have a love for food and I just want to share my knowledge with other people. If anything I was hoping that what I put out would actually be useful and helpful to others. In fact I get excited by seeing fellow foodies and people involved with food lmao

Is there anything that you think makes you stand out?

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I'm not sure.. I suppose I make dishes and write recipes in a way that everyone can use. It's so cool when people who don't usually cook tell me that they find my recipes so easy to follow. The recipe turnouts too, I've been getting so many pictures and feed back from people using my recipes that it makes me feel like people know my recipes will always be great and easy to follow!

How did you get to where you are today and was it hard to get the audience you have today?

It's been a long road and we could be here all day if I got to explaining but honestly just remembering why I'm doing it and keeping it all about the food. Living in Sevilla, Spain for a year taught me so much about myself in ways I can't explain. I've gained confidence in my passion and in myself, so much so that I'll begin a new job as a chef this summer. Something I never thought I'd be able to do. 

Consistency got me the audience I have today, so yeah, I'd say it took some work. It's hard to stay consistent with something like blogging and youtube when you have so many other things to deal with outside of it


Yes, it's defo hard to stay consistent with blogging!! Do you think that the way someone presents them on social media will effect whether or not people will want to buy from them or work with them?

Oh absolutely, I think representation matters but above all being yourself is most important. I'm always being myself, I try not to do things just because it's what everyone else is doing and I'm lucky enough that this has served me well in how people respond to me and my posts.

Do you feel like you have been supported by the creative community? 

I would say yes and no.. but that's with everything right? I have some awesome supporters and lovely people who really encourage me in the creative community and then there are others who I'm sure don't care for me at all. Which is also fine, you can't be supported by all. Right now, I'm doing my best to focus on the positive (as overused as that sounds) and continue to support every other creative out there myself. It's much easier that way. 

Now to give you my famous question - what do you think the most important part of being a creative is?

What's most important for me about being a creative is not comparing myself to others I see today. I only compare myself to who I was yesterday. Finding new ways to spread 'Fove' (food love), in ways that are fun for me. It's easy to get lost in the mix and make it about pleasing other people but at the end of the day, I'm putting out the posts and it's important for me to create content that I'll enjoy learning from as well!


Amazing! Thank you so much for working with us Dominique, we wish you nothing but more happiness and success!!!

Make sure you check out Dominique's Twitter, Youtube and blog!

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Thank you guys for reading! You are apart of this project just as much as anyone else and we appreciate you all so much for taking the time to read our posts! We love you all, happy Friday! We will be back next week with another creative, can you guess what this creative does?

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