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STG x Wigs By Cwin!

STG x Wigs By Cwin!

Today we have the chance to speak to the beautiful and talented business owner, Cwinyaai! 

This 20 year old woman, who is a full time Pharmacy student, has started an amazing business which goes by the names of Wigs By Cwin! Cwin creates the most beautiful wigs, as well as providing other hair services! The links for all her socials can be found at the end of this post, but for now - get yourself a cuppa and relax while reading about a sensational creative!

Hey Cwin! Thanking you working with me for this great project. You are amazing in what you do so I would love to know what inspired or influenced you to launch your business of making wigs? How comes you’ve put energy into it, made social media pages, having a website etc., why didn’t you just keep it as a side hustle?

You know what Q, it really was supposed to be a small side hustle. In fact I never wanted to make a big deal out of it, I was afraid. It was my support system, my friends who really encouraged me to push it along! (big shout out to my team Nana, Michael, Ash, Ed , Daniel & Denise).

I just wanted to keep it lowkey but they reminded and encouraged me that I have a skill and I should share it with as many as I can and utilise social media to offer a service to people. 

It also made it easier to manage the business, I was dealing with all the enquiries through WhatsApp and Snapchat and it all got a bit too chaotic & disorganised.

Having a WBC email and Instagram page has got me recognised by not only potential clients but also business partners (hair wholesalers) and collaborators such as bloggers like yourself! 

So if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it well! Go all out! 


That organisation is sensational! I am curious though, was it difficult to manage a new business as well as university and the other aspects of your life?

Definitely! Pharmacy is a really intense course and alongside that I’m president of a Christian society (Shout out to First Love UK - Brighton branch) . So I’m preparing sermons every week to share with my members, studying and making wigs LOL. But it can be done, planning, prioritising and discipline is crucial. Prayer really helped me to. 

To be completely honest, I know what my priorities are and I make sure I don’t bite off more than I can chew. I only take on as many clients as I can handle and I’m not apologetic about it. I’ve got to do what works for me, and as much as your business is important First and Foremost you need to remember : WHAT YOU CAME TO UNI TO DO. 

Clients will always be there. It’s not EVERY SINGLE PERSON you must take on. No one likes a rushed job either, take your time and offer each client your best ability! 


You're coming across as very knowledgeable! How did you know what to do when launching a new business? Did you face any difficulties when starting up?

By copying. Do what you see is being done by others and what works, that’s not a crime, it’s wisdom. Why promote your business only through twitter when you see your field has the best promotion through Instagram. You get me? 

I genuinely had an interest in hair so already I followed a bunch of popular hairstylists who were like me (young, black students, London based) and they all had popping Instagram accounts. So I made one too. 

The ‘problem’ I faced when starting is not being able to offer a particular service - so many people wanted a frontal wig, and I couldn’t make them yet lol but I can now and they’re pretty bomb! It’s important to take your time, grow steadily and not rush! 


Would you say it's hard to build up a clientele?

It will be if you’re very quiet on social media. Even if you’re not a social media person you need to step out of your comfort zone make some accounts and be LOUD about your business - otherwise no one will. It’s the only way to get the word out. 

Anyone who knows me personally knows social media is quite a big platform for me even before WBC and I can accredit my success in building up a steady clientele and quickly was through my already prominent social media presence. 

But it isn’t easy and It’s not good to compare yourself. Your clients will come, be patient, you don’t have to force anything but be sure to be your top promoter! If you’re not confident or loud about your work no one will be! 

But it DOES TAKE TIME and that’s a good thing. I think I’d be very overwhelmed if my clientele started off huge from the beginning. Lord knows when I’ll even reach 1K, but if I get there it will be when the time is right. 

“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” - Job 8:7 (NIV)

What motivates to continue this business and work as hard as you, producing the great quality you do?

3 things:

Encouragement: I cannot stress how important it is to have supporters in your circle and around you. Starting your own business is a rocky road, things can be very slow and you just feel like getting out the car and leaving, but people around who encourage you to stay in the car, keep you on track! 

Being recognised for your work by strangers: Some random followers just message me sometimes like “wow I don’t even wear wigs but your page makes me want to wear one”, encouraging comments, people sharing your page even when you don’t ask them to, even a verified celebrity hair stylist hit the like button on my work the other day, I was so excited and encouraged! 

Being commended for your progress: it’s so lovely when people reach out to just say that they see and recognise the growth and improvement and they’re really impressed and so here for it! 

All of these things are a constant reminder that whatever stage you think you’re at, people think you’re doing great! 

You’ve just got to believe in your skills but I can’t lie, how people around you receive it really helps but even if your support system isn’t that big, believe in yourself and keep pushing! Your gift is from God! 

Interesting! Now would do you believe being a black woman means anything when it comes to your business? Do you feel like you need or want to prove to people what exactly black girl magic is?

Ooooooooooo I like this question lol. 


DISCLAIMER: Wigs By Cwin is not an encourager for black women to deny their natural hair or to even hint that false hair is better. It’s actually just showing how versatile and creative black women can be with their hair and that is not a crime, it’s magical!!! We are magical, can’t lie I think we’re the only people that successfully can pull off any hairstyle, of any hair type of any colour (oops I said it). 

In fact one of the highlighted stories on my Instagram page is entitled ‘love yourself’ and I post me in my natural hair to show and encourage people that I am not ashamed, and as much as I love wigs I love my natural hair too! 

All my natural hair girls know how important protective styling is as well, and protective styling can be magical 😍. You might wear wigs because: 

- maybe you’re transitioning from relaxed hair to natural

- or you’ve just done the big chop and you want to speed up growth or keep your eyes away from the growing process that seems to take so long

- maybe you genuinely just want to protect your hair because the longer you leave it out, the more it breaks and harder to maintain

- maybe you get bored of hairstyles easily so you apply some black girl magic and can be whatever version of you you wanna be today 🤣

One thing that I think makes Black Girls Magical is how versatile and creative we can be with our hair! 


Would you say it's hard to keep on top of your social media in order to promote your business?

It can be! For example there are peak times on instagram to post so that your post will get the most insights. So sometimes you’re kicking yourself when you’ve been busy with clients all day, time passes and you miss the prime time to make a post and you have to do it the next day🤣. This can happen a lot so you end up with a bunch of posts that all need to go out ASAP. 

Sounds extra but nothing is worse than posting something bomb and no one is around to see it! Lol you learn these things as you go along. 

In terms of promotion it can get hectic because you have to get the word out on every social media platform you have and quickly. Once I post something on WBC, I then go and announce it on my personal page, then my Facebook, then my WhatsApp, then my snap! Then my team promote too! 

You always have to make sure you’re posting new content, so you have to be quick and can’t take like 3 weeks off posting unless it’s completely necessary. It can affect your following and your clientele. The more active you are and look, the more people are interested in your work. 


To people that are looking to start up a small business like yourself, do you have any tips for them?

I think I’ve said a lot of them already in the previous questions! 

- don’t be afraid to make it big! 

I wanted to keep it a side hustle because I was actually afraid of the competition and getting my name out there when there are ‘better’ people. And I’m grateful I didn’t  stay in this mindset because like this you never grow mentally and your skills don’t increase, competition & pressure is sometimes necessary to make you your BEST. 

- believe in your work and be your top promoter

- be loud and confident about your work otherwise no one will


- utilise every social media platform

- don’t compare yourself but instead be inspired, everyone started somewhere

- don’t be afraid to learn and copy things from people who are successful, it’s not always the wisest wanting to do everything differently. Do what you see works! 


Last but not least, if you’re a believer: keep God involved! Prayer is key for me and also keeping God involved in my finances, I believe he’s blessed me even more because of it.


I just wanna touch on the creative community quickly before we finish up this exciting post today! Do you think there is a lack of support within the creative community?

In the creative community as a whole I think there is support. Even the fact that 2 bloggers have reached out to me to collab, me helping them by giving them content to work with on series and them helping me by getting my name out, it’s really nice that we can support each other like that.

Also when photographers may be taking a photo of one of my clients who’s wearing my wig, they won’t have to but they’ll make sure to tag me! 

Or in general from photographers to eyelash companies, clothing companies or even freelance makeup artists just offering to hairstylists “do you wanna collab on a shoot”. 

The support is there, competition and lack of support is prominent when working in the same field but not always! 

Even though there is a competition for clients, hair clients are very loyal to their stylists so you don’t have to fear too much that someone will take them away. Just focus on being your best! 

So even if you’re a hairstylist and you offer online tutorials or 1 to 1 classes, they’re not losing out but actually making more money by offering and teaching a service to a potential contender. It’s also nice when someone is too busy to book you in so that stylist will recommend you to another stylist. It is quite a nice community. 


And our most famous question: what do you think the most important part of being a creative is? 


Believing in yourself, knowing what works for you, respecting your growth rate and not being caught up in comparison! 


I’ve got to keep God involved to! Crucial! 


Honestly big up you Cwin! What you are doing is amazing and I wish you nothing but more success and happiness! Thank you for being apart of Support The Grind! 





Wigs By Cwin's instagram page can be found here, make sure you check it out and follow! See you guys next week for more creative support! Don't forget to leave your comments below!

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