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STG x Deluded Gooner!

STG x Deluded Gooner!

And we’re back with another amazing interview! 


Today we bring to you the very talented YouTuber who goes by the name of Deluded Gooner. He started his YouTube career at the end of 2016 and since then he has racked up nearly 4,000 subscribers. This guy has a lot to of interesting stuff to say so I hope you enjoy today’s post! And make sure you check out his YouTube channel, you do not wanna miss out!


Hey! Thanks for wanting to be a part of this project! I've been following your Youtube career since you started so this is quite exciting! I've always wondered, what has inspired or influenced you to start your YouTube channel?

Since my school days people have always asked me for my opinions in regards to football, but it was only after Wilshere going on loan from AFC a few years ago that I decided to try my luck & people seemed to like it so I ran with it.

Everyone watches football and talks about day to day, so what makes you stand out? Do you feel like having this channel makes a difference?

In a space filled with rants, antics, and noise, I let my football speak - I have been wrong many times but as you see with Lucas Torreira, Guendouzi, Adli, etc. I tend to know a lot about tactics, talent ID, and also social political issues within football. I stand out for my rawness , consistency and conviction. For sure it makes a difference, in a short space of time the attention and following I have built from multiple countries feels me with a sense of pride and responsibility.

I am a true believer that your work speaks for itself, and I think yours certainly does! Did you think about creating a Youtube Channel for a long time before you actually did?

I never really thought of it as such, of course everyone considers one but there was never a specific moment apart from literally when Wilshere left on loan as I stated before.

I see! So how did you get where you are today? Because you've been very successful and I would love to hear about your journey!


When I reflect, it is remarkable as I have gained over three thousand subs, developing a religious like following. The way people push my stuff now is crazy but in regards to my journey, the one thing I have close to a clue about in life is football. I literally live & breath it, I personally remember when I had 100 subs and got 26 views and it felt amazing as I just wanted to gain 10 but people liked me and my way of speaking so I ran with it.

Your support and following is incredible and so engaging, they're very active on Youtube as well, especially with their comments, do you have any tips on how other people can strive towards this?

I get asked this a lot and I am confused as I don’t have a clue as I am still a long way away from where I want to go however I would say be consistent and put out good content.

Was it hard to get the support you have today?

Yes and no. I say this because everyone took to me very quickly but there was a time I had to constantly @ people my videos.

I personally didn’t care for support as I know if I work hard & remain consistent everything else falls into place. People & their opinions are fickle they can hate you one day and love you the next.

As I said, a lot of your subscribers are very engaging on your channel and leave comments. Do you get any negative comments and if so, how do you deal with them?

All the time, some are constructive some are just damn right vile. Personally, I just block and delete them as there's nothing I can do about cowards who spend their whole day waffling in comments, maybe they just need a hug?

Ahahaha fair enough, you mentioned how remaining consistent allows everything to fall into place. You push out so much content, so what motivates you to keep pushing out content and always keeping your social media up to date?

I would be lying if I said there wasn’t times of losing motivation, to which I remember a famous quote by Wenger “The future brings uncertainty while the past brings regret there is no time like now”.

I like that mindset, definitely a philosophy I follow myself. Now let's talk about the creative scene. Do you feel like you have been supported by the creative community? If yes, how? If no, do you feel like the creative community needs to be more supportive to motivate current creatives and people that are working on their upcoming initiatives?  


If I am honest I DON’T CARE about the creative scene supporting each other, I say this because yes it would be amazing if we all supported each other but I also remember that everyone is busy living their own life. I am the only person who is going to be as motivated as myself to get what I want, nobody owes me a damn thing but the good thing is I don’t either.

It does feel to a degree at times some creatives want support for the sake of it, people have to feel emotionally compelled to view your content / brand and that is the beauty of it.

I would say however that the people who like my stuff really go crazy with pushing it down the mouths of others.

If you are constantly worrying about support either youre not confident in your content or you don’t want it bad enough, surely if your motivation relies on the support of others something is wrong? To go far in life we must go where nobody has gone before sometimes you must take a step into the unknown which as humans makes us scared.

That makes a lot of sense. As we wrap this up, let me ask you our golden question - what do you think the most important part of being a creative is?

- Staying true
- Listening to your gut
- Constantly challenging your own Bias or narrative to be able to see things as it is
- Being motivated
- Loving what you are doing or it wont last long you need to look at it like this for example, if music could no longer provide a living for JME, he would still be making beats etc. the same goes for Micheal Dapaah and his comedy or Mo the comedian.
- Be adapt to change
- Be open to change within yourself


Thank you for everything! Your motivation and consistency inspires me daily. To see another creative working hard and get the results they deserve, it gives me faith in the creative community. Thank you for being apart of Support The Grind, I hope you enjoyed working with us! Best of luck with your future!

Find Deluded Gooner's latest video here

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