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Why does society hate women's nipples?

Why does society hate women's nipples?

The other day I read on Instagram's community guidelines that nudity can't be posted. Okay cool-ish.

Instagram then go on to define what they mean by nudity. One the definitions of nudity is 'female nipples'. No mention of male nipples. They made it very clear that it was just women's nipples that can't be posted.

The definition of nudity is the state of nakedness, so I'm lost on why male nipples don't count as nudity? Like how does this make sense?

Every person has a chest and has nipples, yet men can only show them with no repercussions?

I dont understand why society is so against women's nipples. It doesn't make sense to me at all. Like why are people sexualising women's nipples so much that if a woman's nipple is out , all hell breaks loose? 

If a female celebrity has a nip slip, there will definitely be an article about it afterwards. Or if her nipples were erect and you can see them her clothes, apparently that's breaking news. 

Breaking news: women have nipples.

Argh people make such a fuss about women's nipples and I don't understand why. Today on Twitter I saw someone call women with a nipple piercing hoes, how does this make sense? Really and truly, how?

#Freethenip has great premise but I hate the fact that it exists. I hate the fact that women's nipples are frowned upon unless they're being looked at in a sexual light. If a woman wears a t shirt and you see her nipples through it, people will cause a fuss. They will stare, they will whisper, they will snigger. A lot of people may have the mindset that they don't care what people think about them but when people are being negative towards you because of someone you can't control, it's hard to keep that mindset. Do you think women can control what happens to their nipples?

People reading this might think I'm stretching it, and I might have an agenda but honestly guys this is a serious issue. Women's nipples are constantly put down by society unless women's nipples are being discussed in a sexual way. 

It's not okay for women's nipples to be erect and poke through her shirt but it's okay for you to want to suck them and play with them?

That sounds great doesn't it.

Going back to how I started this post, I can't get over the fact that only women's nipples are seen as nudity. If nudity is the state of nakedness, then why does this particular thing only effect women? Surely both women and men shouldn't be allowed to post their nipples on Instagram if Instagram doesn't tolerate nudity?

We need to start having more conversations about this. Not sexual conversations about women's nipples but conversations that provide answers and provide equality between men and women. There are a lot of differences between men and women and in certain situations I can understand why equality isn't present, however, in this situation I am lost. Both men and women have nipples. Why are women's frowned upon but not men?

Why are we censoring women? It's a stupid double standard.

- Quenelle Forbes 

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