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Truss meets Alpay B!

Truss meets Alpay B!

From being a joker in school to becoming a viral joker on YouTube, 20 year old Alpay B tells us about his YouTube career today. He talks about the challenges he’s faced alongside the amazing opportunities he has gained from his career. In some ways, his career can be seen as inspiring!


Find the interview below! Enjoy 😌



Truss: Hey Alpay! Glad to see you’re good. First things first, when did you actually start YouTube?


Alpay B: I started YouTube in March 2015 when I was still in my first year of sixth form.


T: Okay cool. What exactly made you start doing this? 


A: What made me start doing YouTube was seeing a lot of people in America doing pranks and realising that not too many people in the UK was doing them. I saw a gap in the market and I thought I would be different to all the other YouTubers in the pranks scene.


T: Starting something completely new must be challenging. Did you receive any support from your family and friends?


A: I got a lot of support from most of my family and friends. My mum bought my first ever camera to record videos after Mr Serman, my media teacher, said great things about me. My support system was great.


T: So we have seen Alpay B everywhere! Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. We hear people talking about you and your videos. It seems like everyone knows you, so how did it feel when you went viral?


A: It felt a bit weird when I first went viral because more people started recognising me in the streets because of my videos. It made me happy because, for most people, I got good responses, people were enjoying my content. My videos were seen on ImJustBait’s insta page, AbdiTV’s twitter and The Wall of Comedy on Facebook, I was happy my content was getting out there.


T: In 2016 you lost your YouTube channel because you got 3 strikes, how did you get those 3 strikes?



A: I had a ‘baiting out’ series on my Youtube channel that picked up national attention after it was featured on Sky News. They talked about it on TV, their website and even on their snapchat. It kinda put my channel on fire and it resulted in the channel getting two strikes. I got the final strike after a laxative prank I did on my friend VanBanter.


T: What made you do the laxative prank? Did you think there was anything bad about that prank?


A: I done the laxative prank because I thought it would go viral, and it got over 50k views in the first day, but a couple of days later I woke up to my channel getting terminated due to this video. I thought that there was nothing wrong with the video but it was a learning curve for me. This situation had a silver lining, it made me more careful with what I decided to vlog and upload to my vlogging channel.


T: Oh you have a vlogging channel?


A: Yeah I opened my vlogging channel before my main channel got terminated. It had about 4000 subscribers at the time when I still had my main channel.


T: How did the loss of your channel effect you?


A: It was a horrible time. It lead me to a depressive state. It caused my depression. I worked really hard to reach 64,000 subscribers and all my work went for nothing. I wanted to find a way to create a healthier mental state for myself so I took some time to focus on only me, so I went on holiday to Mallorca for 2 weeks. The time to myself really helped my mental health. After two weeks I came back to London with a healthy and fresh mind, and I decided to start taking my vlogging channel more seriously. At the time it had 3 videos but now it has over 100 videos.


T: We’re glad to hear that you’re in a healthier position now with your mental health. Mental health is a very serious issue that does effect a lot of people who are around the same age as you, do you have any advice for them?


A: My advice to young people that go through depression is to try and talk to someone you can trust. It’s not good to hold in your thoughts because that’s when you feel like you want to explode. Also if you have the money, perhaps go on a little break and get away from all the things that are impacting your depression. It’s good to take time off and clear your mind.


T: Great advice. So before we finish up, what are you doing now?


A: Now I’m vlogging my life on my LifeOfAlpay channel and I’m up to much more positive things. Last year I travelled and vlogged in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Spain and Italy all thanks to YouTube.



T: This is great, thank you for today and best of luck for the future!



We hope you enjoyed getting to know Alpay B, you can find his latest YouTube video and socials below.


Youtube -


Instagram - Alpay97


Snapchat - alpay97


Twitter - Alps97

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