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The Little Things

The Little Things

This past weekend has been a quite life changing one for myself.

I could not have needed a weekend like the one I had more than I did when it came along because it came along at the right time.


It was my first week in A2 this past week but it felt like it was my third month doing A2 because the work we did was just too much. My Biology book is about a quarter way filled right now after just a week. Anyway, enough about this course of mine and back to what i was saying.

Like I was saying before I digressed a bit, this weekend was a match made in heaven for me. Everything eventful took place in the 24 hours between 2pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday. Firstly Saturday.

For the first time in a long time I felt appreciated. I was with a friend of mine this past weekend and she put a smile on my face in the stupidest way possible. it's funny how just a single word can change the entire course of someone's life. Before she uttered the words she did, i was having the crappiest week ever. All she said was,

'Bryan, you are so handsome my friend.'

The thing is not about who said this really, even though I am forever blessed that they think so, but it was all about timing. Timing was everything with this statement. Just when it seemed like all hope of having a good week were lost, my week was made. This brought a spring in my step, mood and attitude as a whole. Then came Sunday...

I went for some charity initiative that I am apart off. Wait, firstly, this is not just a small thing because charity, no matter what it is, is a huge thing. With our initiative, we deal with helping the underprivileged in anyway possible. Our biggest thing right now is helping students at a school called Malwelwe which is in a remote village. The students have it out hard for them. Anyway, there was this student whom i met for the first time this Sunday.

His name is Lazarus.

I will never ever forget him. This boy touched my soul by uttering these words to me:

'Thank you for your help. It means the world to me.'

and he was saying all this with one of the most innocent smiles i have ever seen. Sometimes as a helper, you do not see the impact you have on someone until you see the smile you put on the faces of the people you are helping out.

The reason why I told you these stories is because they really changed the course of my week, most probably my entire life. It comes to show you that it is the little things that matter in life. It is not always about the large and expensive things only.

REMEMBER: 'Sometimes the greatest gift in life is free'

WRITTEN BY: Bryan Theo Mfhaladi


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