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Hey guys,

Today’s post is a quick but informative one where I will be sharing my skin care routine. My skin is quite oily and this routine works for me (although I’m sure there’s better ones out there).. however, I’m just going to put it out there and say that this routine may not work for everyone who has oily skin as everybody’s skin is different in terms of sensitivity to certain products, etc.

I’m going to go step by step with the products I use:

Product 1: Simple


Simple Facial Gel // Simple Deep Cleansing Mask  // Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser

I use this simple range quite frequently. I start my routine using the facial wash gel which makes my skin feel soft and hydrated, especially after wearing makeup all day. However, this isn’t the only facial soap I use daily.. I also use black soap which some people may not have heard of but it basically makes my skin feel refreshed and it has good qualities such as treating acne breakouts or helping with other skin conditions. You can purchase black soap in loads of hair shops around London and they’re proper cheap.

The deep cleansing face mask is something I use once in a while when I’ve had a really long and tiring day and my face just feels heavy. I put this two layers of this product on my t-zones, leave it for 2-5 minutes and then wash it off with water. There has been a few reviews about this product causing spots but I haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever and it makes my skin feel soft afterwards so don’t listen to every review you see! As I said everybody reacts differently to different skin products.

The hydrating light moisturiser is a product that is good to use when you’re about to go out or to use before putting on your makeup. Because my skin is the sooooo oily I don’t use this product underneath my makeup often but I usually use it on the days I decide to go without makeup and let my skin breathe.

Product 2: Electric Facial Cleansing/Massage brush

Electric Facial Cleansing/ Massage Brush

I use this facial brush when cleaning my face to help remove all dirt and excess makeup. I usually put the facial soap I’m using on my face then use the brush in a circular motion then rinse. This brush is good as it comes with different sponges that attach to the end and the battery lasts for a long time. I got this brush from Avon but they sell it on eBay as well so I’ll link it above for you guys. There are also other facial brushes that are better quality and more advanced than this brush so feel free to search around and see what suits you.

Product 3: Tee Tree Facial Wash and Foaming Cleanser 


Tee Tree Facial Wash  // Tee Tree Foaming Cleanser

These two products are really good for oily skin types and I highly recommend them. They make my skin feel so hydrated and cool after a long day and before going out and I have no complaints on these products to be honest. I only put a small amount of the facial wash on my face because you don’t really need a lot and I use the foaming cleanser to to assist in removing my makeup. Tee tree is commonly known to help treat acne, however it does dry out your skin and there is products in the Body Shop that are for oily/combination skin. Both these products are found in Body Shop which I’ve linked above and there is a whole range of Tee Tree products.

Product 4: Oil-balancing Clay Mask and Pore-cleansing Exfoliator


Oil-balancing Clay Mask  // Pore-cleansing Exfoliator

These products are for combination/oily skin and also from Body Shop. I use this exfoliator once every week because it drys out some areas on my face which is annoying when putting on foundation. It is a good exfoliator and leaves my skin feeling soft. The clay mask is a product I use once or twice a week as I use other facial masks as well as this. The mask is refreshing and tightens my skin, leaving it feeling fresh after a long day. I usually leave the mask on until the product has dried up on my face.. this is my preference but follow the instructions on the packaging if unsure.

Product 5: Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel


Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel

This product is one of the best and I use it everyday without fail. I apply a small amount to my face and neck in the morning and night after taking off my makeup. It leaves my skin feeling to fresh, hydrated and light. It leaves the skin feeling tight as well but I love the feeling. I don’t wear foundation everyday so when I have a day where I’m not wearing any makeup I ensure I apply this to keep my face feeling light and hydrated throughout the day. You can get this product in any hair shop in London and you can also get it in some drug stores.. I have linked this above.

Product 6: Easy Melt Shea Butter


Easy Melt Shea Butter

Some may say this product isn’t good for oily skin as it makes your face feel a bit heavy after a long day but the benefits are worth it. I apply a small amount to my face and neck before I go to bed and I wake up to my skin feeling really soft. I only use it at before bed or if I am having a chilled day indoors as I don’t want my face to appear oily when I go out but this product absorbs into the skin without clogging pores and therefore, doesn’t produce spots. It also has good properties such as aiding in treating acne and other skin conditions. This product is cheap and like most of these products can be found in hair shops around London; However, if you’re like me and like to online shop then I have linked above alternative places to buy.

I hope you find some of these products useful!

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, if this is your first time reading my blog then have a look on the about me page.

Until next time..

Love, Tamika ♡

Are you more black or white?

Are you more black or white?

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It's not entirely feminism.