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It's not entirely feminism.

It's not entirely feminism.


So recently Amber Rose has put some nude pictures on Twitter and Instagram that everyone has been talking about for so many different reasons. 

Amber put these pictures up in the name of feminism.

This is not feminism.

This is not conforming to society's norms.

This is empowerment and challenging the rules that have been constructed by today's society. However this is not feminism, Taking nude pictures of yourself and upload them onto social media is not being a feminist, it is owning your body and not conforming to the stupid ideologies of society, but feminism has so much more to it. 

For over a 100 years women have been fighting for equal rights between man and woman. Women fought in order for the everyday woman to be able to vote, to be able to own property and to be given the same opportunities that men receive.


Whilst I look up to Amber Rose in awe, I do not entirely agree with her reasoning for uploading these pictures.

Like I am so happy for the woman to be able to do this, for her to feel empowered within herself and love herself enough to post her nude pictures however this is not feminism and I don't think this is sending the right image for women in society. Feminism is much much more than just being able to show your naked body.


Feminism is more than a woman's body. More than showing a woman's body. I would love to say being able to post nude pictures is feminism, is an opportunity that has been presented because of how far women have come but Amber could not post it with full comfort. People complained about it, moaned about it, said how can she do this as a mother and then her pictures were deleted by Instagram. 

So this was not entirely feminism, but it is a message about loving yourself. 

Do not be afraid to be comfortable in your own skin.

Love yourself and don't always conform to society's norms.


Written by:  Quenelle Forbes













Ignorance is not bliss.

Ignorance is not bliss.