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Nell's Freshers Tips

Nell's Freshers Tips

Now you may be seeing all types of tips from places such as the Guardian and UCAS and the odd promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of some random guy.


Whilst they may be helpful to some, they didn’t help me at all when I started my first year of university last year, so I thought it’d be useful if I gave you some tips from my fellow students and I so you can start university properly.


So let's start off with this one…


  • Do not have sex with your flat mate. 

    Whilst your mates might tell you that it’s fine, there are no problems after…

    9/10 times your mates are wrong!

    Most of the time, having sex with your flatmate causes a lot of stress. What you thought you was innocent, one time only, Netflix and Chill sesh could turn into a case of the other person catching major feelings. One sided feeling only equal problems - ask yourself if you really need that stress.

    If you think that it’ll be fine then I hope you prove me wrong and enjoy!

    But also don't forget how awkward it can be for your flatmates…


Okay on the topic of sex…

  • Wear protection when you have sex!

    I feel like not a lot of emphasis is put on this one, too many people see it as a joke.

    Realistically it’s not a joke. STDs are very very common so be safe whilst you’re having fun!


There’s more to uni than sex I promise! So…


  • It’s okay to not have sex at uni.

    Many people may be telling you stories about how many people they got with at uni or how many people they aim to get with at uni - some of these people seem to get lost in the sauce and forget they came to uni to get a degree! So if you’re not having sex don’t feel pressured by others and if others judge you, tell them to go fuck themselves, you’re good doing what you want to do!


On to my next tip!


  • Other people’s experiences will not be the same as your own!

    Go into uni without the opinions of your friends. Your experience at uni will be unique to you and different from your friends. You may have a great time, you may miss home a lot, you may be struggling and this may be different to your friends but that is okay.

Speaking of people at uni…


  • Everyone really is in the same boat!

    ‘Be confident because everyone is in the same and people aren’t as scary as you think’

    That is a quote from my friend and it really is the truth! Every fresher is in the same position as you. They’re embarking on a new journey just like yourself so don’t feel scared when meeting other freshers.


When it comes to meeting the freshers in your new accommodation…


  • Keep your door open once you’ve finished packing.

    This way you seem approachable and you can get to know your flatmates! This was honestly the best thing for me at the start of freshers!



    You’ll get so much information from the freshers fayre!! You’ll also get a loadddd of freebies, so why say no to this free event this gives you a tonne of information and loads of freebies, including free cocktails and free wagamamas?

    Societies fayre is also a great day. Nearly every society at your uni will be at this fayre, you’ll find all types of societies here! From your ethnic minority societies to your pole dancing society to your skiing societies, you’ll find them all here. They’ll give you all the information on how to join the Facebook group and how to get your membership.



Just a quick side note…


  • You have to pay membership for all societies. The prices for societies usually start from around £3 and go up to about £10. Sports societies will be a lot more and you will have to pay insurance too so keep that in mind.


But yeah


  • Join as many societies as possible!


Now when it comes to studying…


  • Referencing is real!

    Don’t be freaked out by this, but with every essay you write you will need to do referencing and it will usually be MLA or Harvard style. Your tutor for your modules should give you a document on how to reference but if not you can find out how to reference online.


  • Amazon used book is your new best friend.

    Your reading list is most likely going to be long and you’re going to need physical copies of these texts. Don’t let your uni trick you into going to Waterstones or paying full price on Amazon - buy the used books on Amazon, they’ll cost like £2 instead of £10.


  • A formative is just as important as a summative!

    If anyone tells you that your formative essays aren't important, they are an enemy of progress! Your formatives are very important for the final grade of your module.


  • Don’t be afraid to go to your lecturers and tutors for help!!

    You pay 9k a year, you’re really allowed to ask for help lol! Don’t just wait until your scheduled to see them for essays, go and see them whenever you need the help. You’ll be given their office hours so just shoot them an email when you want to see them!




I can’t think of anything else for now but stay tuned for more #TipsFromNell!


- QuenelleAshley

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