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What they don't mentally prepare you for when going to uni...

What they don't mentally prepare you for when going to uni...

Hey Guys, 

It’s Mental Healh week so I thought I’d write a post on a topic I find important when taking that step to go to university.

As some of you may already know university can be a daunting place. You first find out you’re going to university and finally feel like you’re growing up and can have some independence. For me, first going to university was a big step as I was never the most academic so I was quite shocked that I got the grades to be accepted into a course- I felt excited to be starting a new place and meet new people. However, after a while this feeling of excitement started to go. I was living at home which can be very different from living on campus sometimes so watching my friends move into university was quite hard and it started to take a toll on me. The depth and level of academic work given to me was too much- I remember thinking ‘wait, how do they expect me to do this with minimal support’. Half way through the course I realised I need a break in order for me to do things I want to do. I even tried changing course thinking it’ll help but that was also too late. It’s hard to not feel like you’re dissapointing your parents when feeling like this but always think about yourself and what makes you happy.. I can’t emphasise this enough because you don’t want to look back and regret anything. 

Think about yourself and do what makes you happy 


When your course is demanding or you feel it’s not for you, it’s so easy to fixate on changing course, taking a year out or stopping all together just make sure that you take action as soon as you feel like this. 

In sixth form or college they don’t prepare you for the big step of going to university.. instead, they emphasise that it is a good experience and essential for getting a good job. To be honest, most of the time they just prepare us to go because they have to. In my opinion university doesn’t nessarily get you a good job. I understand how it’s hard when parents drum into your head how you have to go to university in order to get a job blah blah blah.. it’s just rubbish tbh. If you’re passionate about doing something regardless of whether it is a university course or not who cares? Just do you!

Everyone says how it’s exciting or it’ll be the best time of your life but who really tells us the countless number of late nights trying to meet deadlines, explains the big jump between A-Level and Degree, the stress of juggling assignments and exams or the lack of support received in terms of academic work. 

Don’t get me wrong, uni is a good place to meet new people but it’s simply just not for some people due to the fact they don’t expect the massive jump… and the jump is big. 

Apart from all the uni raves, events, etc university can sometimes turn into a lonely place. You may feel like everything is ontop of you due to stress, you may be home sick, you might not even enjoy the course you’re doing and feel stuck, you may not be meeting friends.. there’s plenty of reasons how university can start to become like this. 

If you feel like university is starting to interfere with your mental state then here are some things you can do:

– Go to your room or a quiet place and do some breathing excersises if feeling overwhelmed; Breathe in and out slowly 10 times

– Tell a friend or family member how you’re starting to feel

– If you don’t like your course look at ways to change your course to one that you like 

– Take a gap year 

– Don’t be scared to get in contact with professionals who can provide support your campus

– Find something you love doing and make it a hobby in order to do something therapeutic

If you need help with how to go about changing course, taking a gap year or getting in contact with a professional on your university campus then make sure you contact me via the contact page. 

Alternatively, follow me on my social media pages found at the bottom of this page where you can also send me an email if you have any questions.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, if this is your first time reading my blog then have a look on the about me page.

Until next time.. 

Love, Tamika ♡


Written by: Tamika Arnold



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