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― Mark Maish


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― Ernest Hemingway


Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.
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14 June 2017, a horrendous disaster. No answers. 

14 July 2017, no answers. 


One month and there are still no answers. 

There's no longer any media presence. 

There's no longer any of the sympathy from the government we was made to believe. 


It's all gone. 

Like the tower. Like people's belongings. Like people's loved ones and friends. 


But there is still no justice. 


Why has the death toll come to a standstill? How on earth does that make sense? It doesn't. 

Innocent lives were lost. They will never be forgotten.

As much as it is heartbreaking to hear that so many people have unfortunately lost their lives, it is a national disaster that we are being lied to. 


A new headline has come out that Grenfell residents have had to create their own missing list


W H Y ?

These people are probably traumatised, anxiety-ridden and irrational. Where is the action from the higher authority? Where is the government in this?


No one is expecting answers overnight, but after a month answers need to be given and justice needs to be served. 

Innocent lives were lost. They will never be forgotten.

Do you know what's funny and horrible at the same time? 

Everyone expected the media presence to die down. 

A horrendous disaster like this and the media isn't focused on it, why is this the world we're living in?


I've wrote this post today because I will not forget about Grenfell Tower and all the people connected to it. My presence for this matter will not die down. 

Innocent lives were lost. They will never be forgotten.

    ⁃    Quenelle



I don't exist.

I don't exist.