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International women’s day!

International women’s day!

Happy international women’s day! 

Today is one of my favourite days because I get to explain what this day is about to so many people because a lot of people don’t actually understand the purpose of this day. 

So here is what says about this day:

“International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.” 


Today is such a significant day. It highlights the struggles women have gone through and how far women have come. Looking back at what women have achieved, I’m in awe. The achievements women have made are always on my mind but I’m glad there is an isolated day where I can just focus on those achievements and they won’t be jumbled up in my mind with my other thoughts. On this day I like to look at the women in my family, they’ve shaped me to be the woman I am today. Their careers, strength and mindset inspire me daily to do the best I can do and be the best version of myself.  

My female friends are vital to me. They genuinely keep me sane. They remind me of how strong I am and how I can reach the goals I have set for myself.  

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by so many women that do the impossible.  

Seeing so many women do jobs that were once unacceptable for them because of the fact they are women is a beautiful sight.

Although today is about how far women have come, it is also here to remind us that we as a community still have further to go. There are still many inqualities between women and men and I am so very grateful that we can use this to day to highlight the issues and discuss solutions in order to create a better society for us all.


I hope that everyone celebrating this day remembers that this day is for ALL women. It is an inclusive day for all, so whether you identify as a trans woman or a cis woman etc., are a woman with a disability, a woman of colour, a woman with mental health illnesses, this day is for you. 

Congratulate yourself and the other women around you.  

Women can do so much more if we support one another so I hope you use this day to see what other women do and support them throughout their journey.   

We are amazing women.  

Celebrate this x


- Quenelle  


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