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Ignorance is not bliss.

Ignorance is not bliss.

I would like to start this post off by saying that my love goes out to every person that has unfortunately been involved with the recent attacks that have been happening in England.


My love also goes out to all the other people who are being attacked in countries such as Iraq.


No one seems to voice their concern about what happens in other countries that aren’t in Europe or cities in America. 

These other countries don’t get a minute of silence, because if they did the world would be silent all the time.

Everyone is disgusted by these attacks, disgusted by the extremists that carry out the attacks, but yet the majority of people will only voice their disgust when it happens in, what is commonly known as, the Western World. 

But that is disgusting. Why do we not see the same level of concern for the whole entire world, why is it just some parts of the world? Because ignorance is bliss? That saying can no longer work in the 21st century. Ignorance is not bliss anymore. You cannot turn a blind eye to things that happen in order to not be troubled by it.

Bombings take place all over the world so frequently but not a lot of people will know this, they will only know what makes the headlines of the Sun or Daily Mirror.



It’s time for these people to get their heads out of the sand and understand that innocent people are killed all over the world all the time.



All the time.


It happens frequently. Children, women and men are killed.


But no one cares. Where is their voice? Where is their minute of silence? Where is their concert?

It is amazing what Ariana Grande is doing, I look up to the woman for doing what she has done, but it is a bittersweet thing. This is only happening because the bombings took place in England.

When the bombings took place everyone was so angry that someone could do such a thing, to hurt and murder innocent people, to innocent children. But people only cared because it was England.

That is terrifying. It is terrifying.

People will only care because it took place in the Western world, now this is not new information - that people only care when it happens in the Western world, but the disgust hits me like a tonne of bricks every time.


So next time you hashtag on Twitter for the next disaster to take place in the world, ask yourself if you’re going to hashtag for Iraq?


Ask yourself why do you only care about countries in the Western World.


Ignorance is not bliss.

If you’re going to take a stand and show your support because you’re disgusted by the bombings and the murders of innocent people, then show your support to the whole world.

The Eiffel Tower always turns it’s lights off for disasters in the Western World, why is it not doing it for the entire world?


Show your support to everyone because the murder of innocent people is wrong at all times, not just when extremist groups attack countries in the Western World.


Written by Quenelle Forbes

It's not entirely feminism.

It's not entirely feminism.