My blog is a collection of answers people don’t want to hear to questions they didn’t ask.
― Sebastyne Young


Writing is not a hobby. It's the only way I get to shut up the demons in my head.
― Mark Maish


Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.
― Ernest Hemingway


Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.
― Unknown



Grateful and Appreciative

Grateful and Appreciative

Being a young woman who is trying to chase her dreams as well as trying to maintain good grades at university, I face my fair share of challenges.

There are days where all I want to do is give up on everything. I want to stop continuing with QuenelleAshley Blogs and Truss and I want to give up on university completely.

The challenges really take their toll on me. My dream of being a journalist is what I always keep in my head, it's what I think about every single day of my life. It's the reason why I do so many extra curriculum activities at university, it is why I regularly post content for all of you guys who read Truss. 

Being a woman of colour, I understand that my journey is going to be harder than other women from other demographics. I'll always have to put in 150% effort when doing things so I can receive the same opportunities as other woman. Knowing that I have to put in more effort than some other women is definitely a massive challenge I face all the time and is definitely a reason why I sometimes feel like giving up.

But I am surrounded by so many amazing women that inspire me to continue my journey.

I recently saw Ray Blk live in London and it was honestly one of the best concerts I've been to. I saw so much passion from her and that resonated loudly with me. It reminded me that I have so much passion and I can get to where I need to eventually. There is no denying that Ray Blk has put in so much work to get where she is today, and to gain even more success, it is so inspiring to see that.

When I see YouTubers such as Jayde Pierce and Patricia Bright, I'm appreciative for these women. Seeing successful creatives is something that definitely keeps me going. They have such busy lives yet they still carry on. Jayde Pierce recently revealed some personal things and I could relate to her, seeing someone do so well in a field you are in whilst being able to relate to things going on in their life is again so inspiring for me.

Maya Jama is someone I have seen as a role model and a huge inspiration recently. I follow her on social media and see all the success she has made, she has done that and will do so much more, it definitely inspires me to keep going. So much greatness has come her way and it reminds me that this could also be me if I continue to work hard and use my passion and love for my work to drive me through.

The women I have spoke about are in the creative field and are all women of colour, in my eyes these women represent me and my peers that are in the creative field. I'm so very much grateful and appreciative for seeing what these women do. I wish them all the best.

If you guys read this, thank you for always inspiring me!

- Nell

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A Malicious Ghost in My Mind

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