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Nell's Exam Season Tips!

Nell's Exam Season Tips!

Hey guys, welcome back to truss.!

Hope you guys are good! I've noticed that a lot of my readers are people within education, whether that be GCSEs, A Levels or University, so I thought it would be a sweet idea to write a blog on a few of the tips I use when it comes to exam season. The tips I'm going to be discussing, I've used some of them since I've been in secondary school (I'm basically at the end of my second year of uni now lmao)!

Now I'm not saying these tips will absolutely work for you, everyone is different, what may work for me, may not work for you - and that is perfectly fine! Hopefully the tips will help inspire you to find ways that help you cope in this dreadful season.

Okay so first things first;

1) Make a revision schedule!

Okay so I never thought a revision schedule was important. I thought they were tedious and a waste of time - but I was definitely wrong 😂 I was in first year and I had rang my dad complaining about how stressed I was, I felt like I had no time to do anything. I had my part time job, work, trying to keep up with societies - it was a lot! But he told me that I should make a schedule and write out what I need to do each day, and it really helped. I felt like I had control over my life again. Being able to visually see what I had to do was key for me as I'm a visual learner. I bought a whiteboard from Wilko (they're like £5, here's the link and wrote out my days on there. I just made columns and rows for each day of the week, wrote in what days I had work and started distributing my revision across the days. Doing small amounts of revision over a lot of days worked better for me and also didn't make my revision timetable look overwhelming. 

2) Invest in a zen drawing book!


Zen drawing is an amazing way to calm yourself down and give yourself some 'me' time! In this period of your education, your health is vital, especially your mental health! Pressure and stress can sometimes cause you to feel like you're overwhelmed and the best way to deal with this is to take some breaks away from study. Although Netflix may seem like a great break to have, when a series is getting to that exciting point, and you don't want to stop watching it, you end up never going back to studying lmao, this won't help that much when it comes to exams! You're exam isn't going to ask you about the Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder cross over episode 😂 So instead of Netflix, try Zen Drawing. You can see the book I have, they have 365 drawings in there, so a drawing a day, and it really helps to calm me down and relax my mind. It's an amazing investment and you can find loads on Amazon!


3) Be sure to take regular breaks!  

People will always take about pulling all-nighters, and if you want to do an all-nighter as well, or study for a long period of time, make sure you take regular breaks! Get up and stretch your legs, get some fresh air, go on your phone for a bit, do some zen drawings, do whatever! But just make sure you take regular breaks because studying for a long period of time might send you mad 😂


4) Invest in some good tea/coffee!

Okay so I'm not a coffee drinker at alllll but I hope there are different types of coffee out there and what I'm going to say about tea can be applied to coffee.

Invest in some good teas and lots of different flavours of teas so you can switch it up a bit and make your revision sessions less boring. I like to drink a lot of fruit teas or green teas during exam season because it keeps me awake and it's something different! Tesco currently have a deal on their teas at the minute, 2 for £3!

5) Stay hydrated and well fed!

I don't have to explain this one too much, but make sure you eat and drink regularly so you can revise and learn to the best of your ability. As I said you health is very important during exam season, it's important all year round, but this time of year is when you face a lot of pressure and your health could deteriorate easier.

6) Invest in multi-vitamins from your local drug store!

As I just mentioned, your health is important and can deteriorate easily in this period so invest in multi-vitamins so you can stay on top of your health!

7) Coloured pens could be your new best friend!

If you're a very visual learner like myself, using coloured pens makes thing so much easier. When it comes to writing out notes and essay plans, I like to colour code each section because it makes it easier for me to remember. I like looking at pretty things so it's easier for me to understand when my work looks nice and is colour coded.

8) Make sure you're studying in a good environment!

The environment you learn in is significant to how much work you can get down. For me, if I'm studying at home, I need music, candles and a comfy blanket. If I'm in the library, I need to not be in silent study because I cannot study when there's silence! I need to hear people talking in order for me to be able to do work efficiently. Everyone's working environment will most likely be different so make sure you find one that suits you and invest in things that will help you.

9) Utilise the support you have on campus or at school!

Whether you are at school or university, there will be designated people that can help you when you're stressed and/or feel like you're not coping. They are there to help you so go to them if you need and want to! Student support were really good to me in my first year of uni as I was able to talk to someone about the worries I had about uni. Will I pass first year? What happens if I don't pass first year?  Can I do re sits? Student support was able to answer all my questions which made me relax and calm down a bit. They were really good! So if you're comfortable about going to someone for advice, I would definitely suggest doing that.

10) Finally... it's okay to have an off day!

You may not feel great every day and may not feel like studying everyday. Coming off schedule is fine, try to relax and have some time for yourself. If you're at uni, maybe go back home and see your family for a day? Or ask your family to come down and see you? It's okay to have a day off!



Okay so that's all the tips I can think of right now! I may think of some more and do a part 2, who knows?!

But I hope at least one of these tips can help you during this exam season, it will be tough, but I whole heartedly believe that you can get through it! 

All my love and best wishes!

- Nell

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