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truss. is a collective of unique bloggers and writers who explore every aspect of life today. From issues with society to the latest trends in fashion.

We have a great mix of in house authors and guest authors!



A Brief History

At first QuenelleAshley Blogs was merely a 'nice idea' type of thought, a thought that I dismissed thinking that it could never happen. I never thought to myself that I would start a blog and then create a business where people would love to see the words I write. 

After the 'impossible' thoughts turned into my reality I created this website to not only offer my blogging services to the world but to also create a safe space for writers and bloggers. A space where they can upload content in a friendly environment and increase their audience. 

Everyone deserves the chance to write.

truss. offers you this chance.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

live. laugh. blog.